Dating Griswold Cast Iron Skillet

The Cast Iron Collector Information for the Vintage Cookware Enthusiast.. ware for the better part of two decades before first putting the Griswold name on a skillet.. Some date them the same as the similarly marked heat ring versions, while.

Date determines the age of your cast iron skillet.. One of the most valuable Griswold antique pans is a pan that has a picture of a spider. or Lodge clone 3p skillet, a Griswold. Marked with the Griswold Large Logo marked Cast Iron Skillet. Here are three Wagner Ware toysminiatures dating. How To Identify Antique Cast Iron Skillets. For example, Griswold began making skillets in sizes 5 through 12 in 1905. Examine the skillets surface. Griswold cast irons story began in. i bought my first griswold skillets the other day. one was a 3 with small logo in middle and erie pa and. Seasoning is also the process of coating a cast iron pan or skillets. Anna H. also likes Griswold cast iron I like the feel of their pans, and the. Shop for griswold cast iron skillets online on Find griswold cast iron skillets at Target. Quick Facts About Griswold Cast Iron - Griswold was produced from 1865 through the late 1950s. - The Griswold first mark used was simply Erie.

The walls of the skillets were thinner but often much nicer than the later period iron.. so that means they are a bargain for users of Griswold cast iron cookware. article is to assist collectors in the identification of ERIE skillets in each Series. In circa 1886. This also provides the approximate date of manufacture. This section will. better than regular cast iron by their wealthier customers. The plated. history of griswold. a brief history of the griswold manufacturing company of erie, pa, as it pertains to collectors of cast iron cookware. in 1865,.

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Date-wise, some of the logos overlap.. 1865-1909 ERIE or ERIE Some of the finest cast iron cookware products came from this early time period. The walls. It is difficult to find one of these skillets with the spider logo in excellent condition.