Leo Woman Dating Scorpio Man

Your Match Scorpio Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility. The troubled match between a Scorpio man and Leo woman is one that will be marked by excessive passion and flared emotions at best, and protracted conflict at worst. I am dating a Scorpio man who is ten years my senior (he is 53).. As a Scorpio Man married to a Leo women for over nine (9) years, here is.

Leo Woman and Capricorn Man Love Compatibility is reviewed. just like in relationships involving Leo and Scorpio. Leo 5 Empowered Dating Tips For Smart Women Omg! I am a Scorpio woman dating a Leo man were starting out, Im glad to hear some positive feedback from fellow Scorpio women, I was getting scared there. Both the Scorpio man and the Leo woman are notoriously dominating. With each aiming to control the other, it will take some work to negotiate the constant.